The filling characteristics of the resin components increase thermal conductivity, enabling designers to achieve optimal thermal management. Wevopur is also mechanically versatile with properties ranging from gel-like to elastomeric and impact-resistant to high dimensional stability. Clear, UV-stable systems are also available for transparent applications.

Main product features

  • Broad hardness range: Shore 00 to D 90
  • Adjustable flow properties
  • Filled and unfilled systems
  • Good temperature cycle behaviour
  • Clear, UV-resistant systems
  • Low dielectric constant
  • Self-extinguishing systems in accordance with UL 94 V-0
  • Good adhesion not only on conventional thermoplastics, but also on high-performance plastics such as LCP, BMC, etc.
  • Operating temperature range: -60 °C to +165 °C
  • Pot life adjustable from 1 to 90 minutes
  • Thermal conductivity up to 2.0 W/m·K

Overview of representative polyurethane products


Overview PUR casting resins (PDF, 1 MB)

Wevopur offers versatile and adjustable reactivity and flowability.