11/02/2016 - Award Winning Wevo Website and Corporate Design

Wevo’s New Appearance Receives Three Awards from Renowned Institutes this Year.

The corporate design received the Silver ‘Annual Multimedia Design Award 2017’. Since 1996 this prize is awarded by an independent jury whose expertise lies in state of the art multimedia-design and digital markteting.
The new website including the entirely new appearance of Wevo was honored by the German Designer Club (DDC) in the category ‘Good Design 17’. The DDC is a leading German Institute for interdisciplinary design.
Projekttriangle Design Studio in Stuttgart was responsible for developing and implementing this new corporate design and website. Part of the new Wevo appearance includes a new distinctive Wevo font (Wevo Corporate Typeface), a new logo, spacial communication and signage. The corporate design has already been implemented at exhibitions and in all classical print and online marketing media.